Below you find a list of frequently asked questions taken from industry professionals in the field, just like you. Please select a category of interest and browse through the listed questions. If your questions are not covered in this section please contact us for further information. This page will be periodically updated and expanded. If your question is not answered below, you may submit it here, or suggest questions you think may be useful to others. We welcome your questions and suggestions.

For information or to submit ideas and content for the BTX Newsfeed, please contact Marketing Manager, Ben Woodall, 214-340-2800.

Please contact BTX Marketing Manager, Ben Woodall,, to discuss what will best fit your marketing needs.

BTX does offer our dealers a co-op marketing program. There are several factors that determine your co-op support, so call a team member to find out how we can best serve your company.

Showroom displays are available upon request. Call a BTX team member to discuss what will best fit your particular showroom.

ost custom colors requested by the customer can be matched. We will typically powder-coat the track which comes with an additional fee.

To order BTX systems, you need to locate a dealer in your area. You can look for dealers in your city by checking out our Find a Dealer page. If you would like to see if you qualify to become a dealer, call one of our team members to get in touch with your local representative.

BTX dealers need to be qualified by the BTX representative for your area. Our BTX rep will learn about you and your company and decide if your applicable to become an Authorized BTX Dealer.

The average lead time on all custom-made systems is 2 to 3 weeks. Large orders or orders with unique requirements will sometimes run longer than the standard lead time.

Yes, BTX motorized drapery systems can be modified on-site provided you have the correct tools and are comfortable in making the modifications. Common adjustments include cutting down a track, changing draw direction or replacing carriers.

All limits are preset before the system leaves our factory. It’s common for installers to make some adjustments during the installation process, so it’s a good idea to be familiar with the systems before doing the install. Check out our online videos and installation guides for more information.

Yes, you can call a BTX team member for on-site technical support, troubleshooting or product information. Our office hours are from 8pm-5pm on Monday through Friday. You can reach us at (800) 422-8839.

BTX systems can be built to integrate via contact-closure, high-voltage relays and/or RS232/RS422.

The wiring instructions can vary for each project. To be certain you are wiring your systems correctly, call one of our team members and they will walk you through the appropriate steps.

To install a system in an area that’s wired in parallel, you need to use isolated relays.

NO! BTX motors MUST be run with individual home-runs from the motor location to the control. If you have a motor wired in parallel, it’s highly likely you will damage the motor and will need a replacement. Motors damaged from parallel wiring voids your warranty.

BTX systems can be built to integrate via contact-closure, high-voltage relays and/or RS232/RS422.

Yes, custom control boxes can be made for virtually any job. Contact one of our team members for availability and pricing.

Drapery and vertical motors are 0.5 Amps each. Roller shade and lift/tilt motors are 2 Amps each.

BTX motors can be hardwired directly to a switch or any other control. We also offer plug & play controls that plug into the motor, then into a 110V outlet.

Yes, 220V motors are available for both traversing and lift systems.

BTX motorizes window coverings, plain and simple. For over 25 years BTX has been manufacturing motorized and automated hardware for shading systems including draperies, roller shades, roman shades, vertical blinds, lift and lift/tilt shades and skylights. BTX offers its own line of motorized hardware and controls, and can also provide most popular industry standards for your specified project.

Please review the warranty information in our Terms & Conditions for full details.

We do sell window covering systems one at a time. We mainly distribute in bulk for obvious price and cost saving reasons. Our volume based structure is the main reason our network of suppliers receive super low prices.

Yes. Please review the warranty information in our Terms & Conditions for full details.

Yes, we are located in Dallas, TX. The BTX Window Automation distribution center provides manufacturers and fabricators in North America and abroad with the wide array of motors, controls and hardware they need to manufacture quality motorized systems for draperies, roller shades, roman shades and skylight shading systems. Our dealers receive window covering systems that are exclusively manufactured and produced based on their order.

Please read our Warranty and Return policies as found in our Terms & Conditions.

You should first contact the company that installed your system. If you can’t reach the company that you purchased the product from, then contact BTX Intelligent Fashion’s customer service team at 1-800-422-8839 or email us at btxwindow@btxinc.com. Our dedicated customer service team can put you in touch with a local BTX Partner that can either supply product or service to you.

The process varies slightly based on the sample you need. In all cases, contact your sales representative, our service team, or email us to begin the process of fulfilling your request depending on product type, material, or quantity.

2014 is the current year for our catalog/price list.

BTX makes its recommend retail pricing guide available online and can be found one our Resources page. BTX’s website is a manufacturer’s website designed to showcase our window coverings products and to serve as an information resource for our Trade Partners. BTX Trade Partners, Design Partners, and customers in general, are independently owned and operated. To obtain end-user pricing for your area, please use our Where To Buy locator tool.

No, we currently sell to the trade, which consists of our Partners, Architects, Interior Designers, Audio Visual, Fabricators, and the Residential and Hospitality markets. We also work with a number of Contractors, Home Builders, Remodelers and other related providers. If you’re an end-user, you can locate one our partners on our Where to Buy page.